ULVAC KYUSHU Corporation

The ultimate of vacuum is here in Kagoshima, Kyushu.

ULVAC KYUSHU Corporation manufactures vacuum pumps and vacuum valves that provide a vacuum environment to produce products that are essential in our lives.
For example, medium- to large-sized oil rotary vacuum pumps used in industrial equipment such as reflector manufacturing equipment for automobile headlight, medium- to large-sized dry vacuum pumps used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment for PCs and mobile phones and various flat-panel display manufacturing equipment, and vacuum valves used in large LCD manufacturing equipment.

We produce a wide variety of products to satisfy customer needs and specifications. We provide essential products that support vacuum environments.

Business Areas

<Components Production>

Manufacture and machining of various vacuum pumps and valves.

ULVAC KYUSHU Corporation

3313 Yokogawachoukamino, Kirishima, Kagoshima, Japan 899-6301

TEL: +81-995-72-1919 FAX: +81-995-72-1134



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