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Precise microplate paddle mixer "MICROPADDLE" is a system developed by ULVAC, which enables direct mixing for 96 well microplates.

It agitates by inserting a paddle directly into a sample, which enables to process a large amount of sample with higher precision compared to the conventional plate shaker. It can be used for the preparation of emulsion that is difficult to mix, dissolution test, solubility test, drug crystal screening. It is a new mixer with high accuracy, high precision, and high efficiency that can be used in a wide mixing rate from low to high speeds of 1-3000min -1(rpm).

Features of MICROPADDLE.

■Low volume mixing.
Mixing with a small amount of liquid (75 ~ 200 ul) in a 96 well plate.
■The number of rotation per 1 row of the 96 well plate can be changed.
Rotation speed from 1 to 3,000 min-1(1min-1 increment)with ± 1% precision can be set in up to 12 rows.
■Rotation efficiency.
Optimum agitation conditions can be verified.
■ Rotational accuracy
High accuracy agitation with little variation even with a low agitation speed of 300 min-1 (rpm).


Problems with conventional mixers and shakers.

1. Amount of sample.

  • Conventional mixers require a large amount of solution, but it is difficult to prepare a large amount of samples at the development stage.

2. Efficiency.

  • Since the conventional mixer have a limited number of vessels (6 ~ 8 pieces), it cannot conduct tests under multiple conditions at the same time, which was inefficient.
  • Since the conventional plate shaker can set only one kind of rotation speed per plate, it takes time to determine the optimum rotation speed.

3. Precision.

  • Conventional plate shakers cannot stir precisely.

【Comparison with conventional equipment】

Conventional Agitator Conventional Shaker ULVAC MICROPADDLE
Amount of sample 900ml 0.05〜0.3ml 0.05〜0.3ml
Number of processes 1〜8 96 96

Agitation accuracy arrow-up-01.png arrow-down-01.png arrow-up-01.png
Agitation efficiency arrow-up-01.png arrow-down-01.png arrow-up-01.png
Amount of sample arrow-down-01.png arrow-up-01.png arrow-up-01.png
Number of sample processes arrow-down-01.png arrow-up-01.png arrow-up-01.png
Number of stirring conditions arrow-down-01.png arrow-down-01.png arrow-up-01.png

Initial development costs arrow-down-01.png arrow-down-01.png arrow-up-01.png
Final development test arrow-up-01.png n/a n/a

Comparison between MICROPADLE and plate shakers.


Performance Required for Mixers.

【Priority to select agitators】


◎ ULVAC's MICROPADDLE satisfys most requirements.


1.Membrane permeation test.

Confirmation of membrane permeability of lipophilic drugs in an artificial membrane permeation test.


2.ELISA Enzyme-Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay

An experimental technique using an antigen-antibody reaction. ( An enzyme is labeled with primary or secondary antibodies to detect and quantify antigens or antibodies by enzymatic reactions, and the amount of color developed is measured with an absorption spectrometer.)


3.Pre-verification of dissolution test.

  • "Dissolution test" is a method of measuring the amount of an active ingredient that dissolves from medicine such as a tablet within a specified time in a glass container.It is a specification test regulated by the Pharmacy Law and is required to obtain drug certification.It is a specification test regulated by the Pharmacy Law and is required to obtain drug certification.
  • Before this final test, a small sample should be pre-validated at the same dissolution rate (stirring efficiency) as in the dissolution test.

4. Formation of oil-water two-phase emulsion.



1. Height position adjustments of the stirring paddle.

  • The stirring paddle height position of MICROPADDLE can be adjusted by changing the thickness of the silicone sheet.
  • Standard silicon sheet: 5.0mm
  • Optional silicon sheet:1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0, 7.0mm



Thickness of the silicon sheet. 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0
Length of the paddle sticking out 14.0 13.0 12.0 11.0 10.0 9.0 8.0

2. Cleaning method of a stirring paddle.


1)Prepare an empty plate instead of a 96 well plate, and pour an appropriate amount of alcohol such as ethanol.


2)Set MICROPADDLE in the same way as in normal operation.


3)Rotate the stirring paddle and wash it for the required time. If necessary, change the water and clean several times.

3. Basic specifications of MICROPADDLE IMP-096A.

Item Specifications
Driving method Stepping motor
Rotation speed range 0〜3,000 min-1(rpm)
Rotation speed setting Minimum setting value 1 min-1 (rpm) per 1 row (8 pieces)
Rotation speed accuracy ± 1% or ±1 min-1 whichever is higher
Environmental operation temperature 10〜40℃
Environmental operation humidity RH85% or less
Control method MICROPADDLE software ( for PC)
※ Use USB connector and convertor for communication.
Unit multiply maximum 12 units controlable by 1 PC
Power Supply 90〜264 VAC 47〜63 Hz 2A
(The standard plug is ~ 125 VAC specification)
Dimension, Weight Stirring unit  176×97×94 mm   about 1.5kg
Control unit  180×40×130 mm   about 1kg

4.MICROPADDLE IMP-096A Basic Configuration.

Item name Quantity Note Picture
Stirring unit 1 A
Plate without wells (For transportation and cleaning paddles) 1 B
silicon sheet A05 1 C
Control unit 1 D
Control cable 1
USB Serial Converter 1
RS232C cable 1
AC Adapter (For the control unit) 1 AC plug 〜125VAC
Control software 1 MICROPADDLE 096A Control Software(CD-R)
Instruction manual 1 Plain Paper A5


click here for details of MICROPADDLE IMP-096A.

Application Note

Application Note 1
Enhancement of the accuracy of membrane permeation test by using MICROPADDLE.

Application Enhancement of the accuracy of membrane permeation test by using MICROPADDLE.

The accuracy of the membrane permeation test data was improved by highly efficient precision stirring with MICROPADDLE.
MICROPADDLE stirs more efficiently near the membrane compared to a plate shaker, which reduces the thickness (hUWL) of the unstirred water layer on the film surface.



Experiment Conditions.
Temperature: room temperature
Number of Rotation of Stirring:1000 min-1(rpm)
Stirring time: 2 hours
Microplate:Multiscreen-IP + Multiscreen Transport Reciever(Millipore)
Film composition:PC, Egg lectine/n-dodecan
Sample solvent: Buffer solution (pH 3.5 ~ 6.5)
Sample solutes: ketoprofen, propranolol
Sample solution volumes:100uL(Donor)、300uL(Acceptor)



Precision agitation by MICROPADDLE reduces the unstirred water layer on the membrane surface in an artificial membrane permeation test and can accurately determine the membrane permeability of lipophilic drugs.

This data was provided by Ms. Asami Ono (Asahi Kasei Pharma Corporation).

Application Note 2
W/O emulsion formation using MICROPADDLE.

Application W/O emulsion formation using MICROPADDLE.

Since MICROPADDLE stirs directly using a paddle, which allows the formation of oil-water two-phase emulsion that is difficult to mix by a conventional plate shaker.


MICROPADDLE can stir efficiently even in experiment systems that have been difficult to stir with 96 well microplates.

Application Note 3
Enhancement of ELISA precision using MICROPADDLE.

Application Enhancement of ELISA precision using MICROPADDLE.

Highly efficient precision agitation by MICROPADDLE promotes antibody binding reaction and enables to shorten ELISA.Since it can mix effectively while suppressing the fluctuation of the gas-water interface comparing to the the plate shaker, background and dispersion can be suppressed.

Effect of agitation methods on antibody detection.


  • Antigen binding; HSA 100ug/mL in PBS
  • BloPrimary antibody; 10 ng/mL anti HSA antibody in 0.2%BSA-PBScking; 0.2%BSA-PBS
  • Wash; 0.05% Tween20 wash x 4
  • Secondary antibody; 100 ng/mL mouse anti H/L antibody in PBS
  • Wash; 0.05% Tween20 wash x 5
  • Substrate; 50uL OPD solution

Effect of agitation method on antibody calibration curve.


Inclination of a calibration curve dispersion Sensitivity (lower detection limit)
MICROPADDLE ◎(0.19 ngmL-1)
Orbital Shaker △(1.2 ngmL-1)
No mixing

MICROPADDLE accelerates the antibody binding reaction in ELISA measurements and obtains a good Inclination of the calibration curve.In addition, highly efficient agitation while suppressing background dispersion enables to reduce the detection lower limit significantly.

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