Cryo Pump

CRYO-U Series




Running costs can be lowered by multiple operation (two units)
For experimental equipments and medium-size production facilities.


Pumping speeds(20℃) Nitrogen L/s 2,400
Hydrogen 3,600
Argon 2,000
Water 6,900
Ultimate pressure Pa(Torr) 10-7(10-9)
Maximum flow rate Argon Pa・L/s(Torr・L/s) 8.0×102(6.0)
Hydrogen 1.5×102(1.1)
Pumping capacity Argon Pa・L(Torr・L) 1.0×108(7.8×105)
Hydrogen 6.7×105(5.0×103)
Cooldown time
(Power cycles)
min(Hz) 110/100(50/60)
Mounting flange UVG-250
Compressor unit C15R
weight Kg 29.0

*Maintenance interval:16,000 hours
*Moveable base is option

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