Cryo Pump

Band Heater



This product is easy to install and can shorten the time of regeneration certainly.
It promotes the evaporation of the moisture that is exhausted and helps to shorten the time of temperature rise and roughing time when the cryopump regenerates.


The RBH can minimize warm up time, promote water evaporation and shorten roughing time. By using the RBH band heater, regeneration can be performed effectively and completely.
Installation in the cryopump is easily done, even in a narrow space.


Type Cryo pump model External dimension(mm) Current(A) Fuse
Max Normal (A)
RBH-6 U6H 170×495 1.3 0.2 5
RBH-8 U8H 170×650 1.5 0.4 5
RBH-8HSP U8HSP 170×790 2.7 0.4 5
RBH-10 U10H 170×850 2.7 0.4 5
RBH-12 U12H 190×940 2.9 0.6 5
RBH-16 U16 260×1,290 5.0 0.9 10
RBH-20 U20P 260×1,665 7.5 1.5 10
RBH-22P U22P 320×1,900 8.3 1.7 20
RBH-22 U22H 302×1,900 11.5 2.0 20
RBH-30 U30H 320×2,525 14.6 2.7 30

Voltage:AC200V、single phase 50/60Hz(usable with AC100V)

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