Oil Diffusion Ejector Pump

PFL Series



PFL-type oil diffusion pump is designed and manufactured based on our extensive research and manufacturing experience.
It is used in many high-vacuum production facilities, and its practical performance is highly appreciated.


  • Excellent pumping speed
  • Low back-streaming of the operating fluid
  • Minimized power required and fluid capacity to ensure low operating cost
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable pump body construction


Model PFL-22 PFL-36 PFL-52
Pumping speed(L/sec) 10000 34000 70000
Ultimate pressure(Pa)*1 3.0×10-4
Maxium forepressure(Pa) 16 6.7 16
Heating up time(min) 40 60 60
Oil capacity(L) 5 13 27
Cooling water temperature(℃) 19~25℃
Water connections Rc 1/2×2 Rc 1/2×2 Rc 1/2×4
Rc 3/8×2
Water capacity(L/min) 12 38 50
Voltage 200V / 3φ
Pump power(kW) 8 Start-Up 22
Normal 11
Start-Up 45
Normal 30
Heater type colled element colled element colled element
Standard backing pump*2 PMB-040C+PKS-070
Dimensions(mm)*3 A 480 725 1000
B 630 1022 2000
H 1330 1732 2845
Inlet VG550 VG900 VG52相当inch
Outlet VG150 VG250 VG350
Weight(kg) 290 650 1400
Oil level gage ビューポート ビューポート ビューポート
Themal switch option 有り 有り 有り
Themal switch operating temperature(℃) 180 110 110

Water Cooling Baffle(PFL)

Model BW-22 BW-36 BW-52
Conductance(L/sec) 14000 54000 75000
Dimensions [mm] D φ680 φ1065 φ1480
T 101 113 165
t 26 28 35
Water connections Rc 3/8 Rc 3/8 Rc 1/2
Water capacity
3 5 5
Weight [kg] 28 66 200

*1 The ultimate pressure by an ionization gauge in the case of coolant temperature 20 degrees Ceisius.
*2 The backing pump chooses it for the maximum throughput of the diffusion ejector pump,but,in consideration of time of starting pressure,it is good to use a big backing pump.
*3 Please confirm other dimensions by CAD data placing in the ULVAC,Inc.website.


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