Turbo Molecular Pump

UTMーFH Series



The UTM-FH and UTM-FW is compound turbo molecular using 5 axis magnetic levitation and digital controlled and realized advantages such as high performance and reliability and energy savings. The UTM-FH series, which has improved compression ratio for hydrogen, is high back pressure and high compression type and for light to middle processes. The UTM-FW series is wide range and high flow type and for high load process and middle~hard processes.


  • There is not limitation to combine any power supply and pump main unit to change cable length because of using coupling free system and tuning free system.
  • Variable speed system marks it possible to change the pumping speed in the rang from 25% through 100%.
  • Excellent anti-corrosion surface treatment. Optional special surface treatments (e.g. Nickel plating + cation electro-deposition, special deposited film, aluminum anodization) are available as necessary.
  • Safety design with fracture energy absorption construction can reduce damage on vacuum system when trouble happened with the pumps.


  • Main evacuation of light ~middle processes such as evaporator, sputtering system, dry etching, etc where there are not any side reaction by-products.
  • Main evacuation of analytical instrument, R&D system, laboratory equipment, etc.
  • Main evacuation for those equipment and system for light gas such as H2 and He.
  • Multiple turbo molecular pumps with centralized back pump configuration.


Wide range and high throughput models High back-pressure and high compression models Inlet flange size N2pumping speed(L/s) *1 *2
- UTM-6300FH VG500 6300
UTM-3301FW UTM-3303FH VG350 3300
UTM-2300FW - VG300 2730
VG250 2230
ICF305 2110
UTM-1400FW - VG250 1490
VG200 1360
ICF253 1300
UTM-1001FW UTM-1001FH VG200 1000
ICF253 1000
UTM-800FW UTM-800FH VG150 810
ICF203 740
UTM-480FW UTM-480FH VG150 480
ICF203 480
UTM-350FW UTM-350FH VG100 350
ICF152 330
*1 Value measured in accordance with JVIS005 standard, or calculated value based on it
*2 Protective mesh isn't used.


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