Sputtering System

Sputtering System



Small-sized high-frequency sputtering device with an RF power supply.
Ideal for basic research and development experiments because of the deposition capabilities for metals, semiconductors and insulators.


  • It is sputtering system of an insulator, metal, and a semiconducting material.
  • Turbo molecular pump is used for main pumping.
  • Multiple deposition is available by dia.2 inch, 3 cathodes.
  • Sputtering speed 30nm/min (SiO2) is available by magnetron sputtering.
  • It has Substrate heating system (350degrees C).


Model VTR-151M/SRF (SCOTT-C3)
Vacuum performance Ultimate pressure 6.6×10-4Pa
Evacuation time 6.6×10-3Pa/5min
Vacuum chamber Vacuum chamber Metal chamber (dia.310.5mm × 160mm (H))
Cathode dia.2inch, 3ways
Standard target dia.2inch (dia.50.8mm) × t1mm ×t1mm
Effective area of sputtering 25mm
Sputtering speed SiO2 SiO2, more than 30nm/min at deposition
Film thickness distribution SiO2 SiO2, within ±10% at dia.25mm
Substrate heating temperature Max 350℃
Max 350 degrees C 50mm ~ 90mm (Variable:Half fixed)
Exhaust system Main pump Turbo molecular pump 250L/sec
Liquid Nitrogen trap
Sub pump Oil rotary pump200L/min
Oil mist trap Oil mist trap OMT-200A
Operation system Main valve Butterfly valve
Sub valve Three way valve
Automatic leak valve Option
Control Manual control
Control system RF power supply Max 300W (0~300WVariable)
Pirani vacuum gauge GP-1GRY
Ionization vacuum gauge ISG1/SH2-1
Setup Extreial dimensions 1081mm(W)×853mm(D)×1104mm(H)
Weight 400kg


Model VTR-151M/SRF (SCOTT-C3)
Power required 200V Single phase 50/60Hz 3.5kVA
Ground terminal A grade (ground resistance/10Ω or less)
Water requirement 2.0 L/min (Water temperature : less than 25 degrees C, Water pressure : 200kPa(gauge pressure))
Connection (power supply) Vinyl cabtyre cable (with R3.5-5 ring tongue terminals) 4m
Connection (ground) Earth cable(with R5.5-8 ring tongue terminals) 4m
Connection (water piping) Tetoron Braided hose (O.D.dia.15mm × I.D.dia.9mm) 4m (2 lines)

Dimension drawing


Feedthrough Collar

Basic composition


[1] Sealing flange
[2] Electrode partition
[3] Taeret electrode
[4] Gas introduction
[5] View point
[6] Shutter handle
[7] Shutter
[8] Vent valve
[9] Gauge port

Sample holder drawing

[The standard type]


[The example of a special type]


※We customize according to the purpose of research and development.

Optional parts

●Introduction gas (2,3 lines) ●DC power supply
●Mass flow controller ●dia.4 inch, 1way
●Substrate heating 600 degrees C (Water cooling chamber)

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