Screw Type Dry Vacuum Pump

LS Series



High pumping speed and Low power consumption. Model is selectable with the optimum pumping speed according to the application.


  • High pumping speed at near atmospheric pressure, and pumping down time can be drastically reduced
  • ECO-SHOCK technology realizes low power consumption. (C Type)
     Power consumption at the ultimate pressure is the industry-leading 0.6kW or less.(LS120A-C)
  • Built-in silencer achieves the noise level 61dB(A) or less.
  • Low running-cost
     No shaft sealing gas.
     ※Purge gas is available with L Type.
  • 4 Pumping speed120~1200m3/h Class ※With mecanical booster pump
     Model is selectable with the optimum pumping speed according to the application.


C Type : Clean process (LS***A-C)
   Feature : Low power consumption model (with built-in ECO-SHOCK)
   Applications : For clean process such as air and N2
           Sputtering / Vapor deposition / Lamination / Load lock room / TMP backing pump etc.

 L Type : Light process (LS***A-L)
   Features : Light process model (with surface treatment and purge function)
   Applications : For light process such as steam and volatile liquid medicine
          Vacuum drying / Freeze drying / Ashing / General industrial use etc.



(C:C Type)
(L:L Type)

LS120A LS300A LS600A LS1200A
Max. pumping speed m3/h 120 380 600 1000
Ultimate pressure Pa ≦0.6 ≦0.1
Power supply 200V Class : 3Phase, 50/60Hz, AC200-240V or 400V Class : 3Phase, 50/60Hz, AC380-480V
Power consumption ※1 kW 0.6 2.0 1.0 2.5 1.3 2.6 1.3 2.7
Cooling water flow rate L/min >2.0 >4.0
Purge gas flow rate ※2 SLM 0~50 0~50 0~50 0~50
Max. water vapor tolerance ※3 kg/h 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Noise dB(A) 61 61 62 64
Inlet port KF50(Horizontal)/VG50(Vertical) ISO-F-50 ISO-F-80 ISO-F-100
Outlet port KF40
Weight kg 142 220 242 266
Applicable standard CE, cTUVus
Standard accessory Instruction manual(CD-R), Power connector, Waterproof cable clamp, Remote connector, Guard for power connector
Pump head option Power supply : 200V Class or 400V Class, Material of seal : FFKM(L type only)
External option MBP inlet flange adaptor, Packege Exhaust port, Earthquake-proof Bracket, LR compatible Unit(Inlet, Remote), Purge gas valve

※1: At ultimate pressure (reference only)  ※2:Purge gas is not available with C Type. ※3: Max.water vapor tolerance is a value when purge gas is used. ※4:C type is not leakless.


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