Vacuum Pumping System

YMV Series



YMV series is a frame unit for combining a mechanical booster pump and an oil rotary vacuum pump.
We prepared four types of frame units according to the pumping capacity.
The independent frame design emphasizes on the maintainability of pumps. This product is ideal for use in production facilities.
Note: Mechanical booster pump and oil rotary vacuum pump need to be purchased separately.


Stands unit *1 YMV-12A
Bellows, caster with adjuster

Recommended pump *2 Mechanical booster pump PMB600D PMB1200D
Oil rotary pump VS1501 VS2401 VS1501 VS2401
Max. pumping speed. m3/hr m3/hr(L/min) 50Hz 550(9200) 600(10000) 850(14200) 1000(16700)
60Hz 660(11000) 720(12000) 1000(16700) 1200(20000)
Max. Suction pressure Pa 50Hz 1.5×103 2.4×103 1.3×103 1.7×103
60Hz 1.3×103 2.1×103 1.1×103 1.7×103
Ultimate pressure *3 Pa 6.7×10-1
Cooling water Cooling water method *4 Water cooled
Primary side pressure MPaG 0.3
Inlet/outlet differential pressure MPaG 0.1
Temperature ℃ 5~30
Volume L/min 4.0≦ 5.0≦ 4.0≦ 5.0≦
Suction port JIS B 2290 VG80 / ISO80F or 100F (optional) VG100 / ISO100F (optional)
Exhaust port JIS B 2290 VG50 / KF50 or ISO63F (optional)
Weight (kg) 480 520 530 570
Dimension W×D×H mm 650×1200×1238 650×1200×1238 650×1200×1258 650×1200×1258
Option Atmospheric operation
I2 For PMB600D For PMB1200D
I4 For PMB600D FOr PMB1200D
Oil mist trap TM-3(F) TM-4(F) TM-3(F) TM-4(F)
Control box *6 For PMB600D+VS1501 For PMB600D+VS2401 For PMB1200D+VS1501 For PMB1200D+VS2401
Terminal box For PMB600D+VS1501/VS2401 For PMB1200D+VS1501/VS2401
Suction flange *7 For PMB300D/PMB600D For PMB1200D
Vacuum delay solenoid valve *8 Common (select from DC24V, AC200V, AC220V, AC380V, AC400V, AC415V or AC440V)
Cooling water flow switch *9 For PMB600D+VS1501 For PMB600D+VS2401 For PMB1200D+VS1501 For PMB1200D+VS2401

Remarks YMV series is the frame unit for mechanical booster pumps. Purchase a mechanical booster pump and a oil rotary pump separately. Refer to the brochure about the specification of mechanical booster pumps and oil rotary pumps. Options for individual pump are available. (Select the inverter for atmospheric pressure start operation from options for YMV series).
*1 The frame unit contains the frame, connection pipes, bellows and casters with adjusters.
*2 Combination with recommended pumps.
*3 Ultimate pressure is measured by Pirani vacuum gauge.
*4 Water cooled operation is required depending on intake pressure. Refer to the brochure of the mechanical booster pump for details.
*5 Select the inverter from I2 or I4. I2 is for 200 to 240V and I4 is for 380V to 480V.
*6 Select the control box from AC200V, AC220V, AC380V, AC400V, AC415V, AC440V, AC460V or AC480V.
*7 The suction flange includes dia. 18m gauge port, leak port and 1/4B socket.
*8 1/4B socket is necessary to connect the delay vacuum solenoid valve. Optional suction flange is recommended.
*9 DC24V cooling water flow switch.


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