Multi-Stage Roots Type Dry Vacuum Pump

HR/UR Series



ULVAC's unique approach to utilize the generated heat from within the dry pump body allows the LR/HR/UR series to perform even in the most stringent processes. ULVAC has focused the design efforts into maintaining an extremely uniform high temperature throughout all pump stages making this series pump optimal for CVD and etch applications.
ULVAC's ECO-SHOCK can be added to the LR pump for additional energy savings of up to 70% for any light processes including pumping air or nitrogen.


  • The LR series pump is designed for either load lock or PVD processes.The HR series pump is designed for CVD and etch processes.
  • The UR series pump is designed for applications that require a heated pump, heated gas lines, and/or heated exhaust lines
  • Excellent helium pumping capability : Canned motor for safety and ease of maintenance
  • Power failure protection : Pump withstands power interruptions of up to 1000ms duration.
  • Internal components are specially treated providing a high degree of surface hardness and corrosion resistance. This prevents wear and corrosion of internal pump parts when exposed to corrosive gasses.
  • Pump data including warnings and alarms are able to be exported. Extensive pump control is available.
  • CE marking is available upon request.


  • Pump is designed for CVD or dry etching applications/designed for PVD, evaporation, or heat treatment processes/ designed to handle process gasses that generate powder by products such as Si crystal growing furnaces


Model LR1800 UR1800 LR3601 LR3601-TT LR3601-R LR3601-TR(TTR) UR3601-TT
Pump DRP LR180 UR180 LR421 LR421-T LR421 LR421-T UR421-T
MBP PRC-018A PRC-036C PRC-036C(-T) PRC-036D PRC-036D(D-T) PRC-036C-T
Max. pumping speed m3/h 50Hz 1701 1701 3200 2700
60Hz 1784
L/min 50Hz 28350 28350 53333 45000
60Hz 29700
Ultimate pressure Pa 0.67
Max. inlet pressure Atmospheric pressure *
Max. exhaust pressure 1.0 to Atmospheric pressure
Inlet diameter (type CE) VG150(KF100) VG150
Outlet diameter KF40 KF50
DRP: Rotor blade surface treatment
MBP: Rotor blade surface treatment ○ * × T:× TT:○ × TR:× TTR:○
Weight kg 553 660 720 660 720 720
Power Three phase VAC(Hz) 200(50/60),220(60) 180~240/380~440(50/60)
Current At ultimate pressure A 21.4 29.2 31 35.4 39.8
At max. load A 39.8 34.9 58.4 82 68.3
Cooling water
Supply pressure
MPa 0.1 ~ 0.3 0.2 ~ 0.5
Cooling water
In/Out differrencepressure
MPa >0.1 >0.2
Cooling water
Flow rate
L/min >5.0 >4.0 >5.0
N2 gas Supply pressure MPa 0.1 ~ 0.5
ted pressure
MPa 0.05 ~ 0.1
N2 purge
Shaft purge SLM 5
Gas ballast SLM 0~45 0~195 None *1 0~45 None *1 0~45 0~195

*Please specify voltage at the time of ordering.
*LR pump designed for low operating temperature of the pump body. The HR is for high temperature pump body operation. While the UR series is for Ultra High pump body temperature.
*The HR300, HR600, HR1200,UR600,UR1200,UR1800 and UR3601-TT models should all be operated below 200Pa (1.5 Torr).
*The LR3601-R/TR/TTR is an improved exhaust performance model in the high-pressure area.* 〇=with  ×=with out
* MBP of LR300, LR600, LR1200, LR1800, can choose the existence of a surface treatment.
* Additionally, a pump with gasballast use is possible to quote. Please contact us for the selection and quotation.

Silencer (Option)

Model Material Surface treatment Weight (kg) Flange Connection
RS-01 SUS304 GBB treatment 4.1 NW40
RS-02 SUS304 GBB treatment 8.3 NW40
RS-03 SUS304 Polished plate 12.5 NW50

Acceptable Table

Kit type Agreement Clamp Outer ring Connection Flange Stay
RS-01 kitA LR60,LR90,LR300 1 1 - -
RS-01 kitB LR600,LR1200 2 2 1 1
RS-02 kitA LR180(LR60,LR90,LR300) 2 2 1 1
RS-02 kitB LR1800(LR600,LR1200) 2 2 1 1
RS-03 kitA LR421(-T) 1 1 1 1
RS-03 kitB LR3601(-T/TT/R/TR/TTR) 3 3 1 1


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