Multi-Stage Roots Type Dry Vacuum Pump

Power Saving Attachment



ECO-SHOCK is a revolutionary dry pump accessory that can dramatically reduce power consumption by attaching to the dry pump exhaust line.


  • Max.80% reduction of power consumption of the dry pump
  • No reduction in pumping performance
  • Simple installation


  • Dry vacuum pumps for evacuating iner gases such as air, nitrogen or argon.
  • Dry vacuum pumps used with sputtering or loading / unloading chambers.


Model ES10
Power supply Voltage, frequency, phase 100 to 220 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, single-phase
Power consumption 65W(Reading when pressure is at ultimate puressure,
and gas for shaft seal and gas ballast are 0 Pa・m3/s)
Control Input Remote start / stop (DC 24V contact with voltage)
Non-voltage contact with contact capacity of 2.0 A Min. required
Output Overcurrent alarm output (non-voltage contact)
Contact capacity : DC 24V, 1.0 A
Operation Manual start switch
Display Display of operation time
Appearance Dimensions Eco-Shock:175mm×310mm×240mm
Valve unit:Φ66mm×110mm(NW40)
Weight Eco-Shock:8.3kg Valve unit:800g
Connection Connection port G1/4" (INLET、OUTLET) The connector has been installed.
Recommended piping Φ : 6.53 mm Min.
Length : 3 m Max.

Manufacturer ULVAC
Model LR60 LR90 LR180
Evacuation speed *1 1300L/min 2100L/min 3980L/min
Measured power
consumption *2
2.1kW 3.6kW 6.6kW
Measured power consumption
with ECO-SHOCK attached *2 *3 *4
0.7kW 1.0kW 1.6kW
Power reduction rate 67% 72% 76%

*1 At 60Hz power.
*2 Power consumption at ultimate pressure.
*3 Including power consumption of ECO-SHOCK.
*4 Reading at ultimate pressure, with shaft seal and gas ballast at 0Pa・m3/s. These valves  change slightly depending on the gas flow at ballast and shaft seal.


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