Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump

PKS Series



The PKS series models are extremely durable, large oil rotary vacuum pumps with very stable pumping characteristics. They are used in many applications, in areas ranging from the metal and automotive industries, to the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.


  • The single-stage design of the rotary plunger vacuum pump is robust and very reliable.
  • High-grade cast iron is used, providing strength and resistance to abrasion.
  • Disassembly and reassembly for maintenance is quite simple. Exhaust valve inspection is also easy.


Modell PKS-016 PKS-030 PKS-070
Design evacuation speed 96m3/h(1600L/min) 180m3/h(3000L/min) 420m3/h(7000L/min)
Final pressure *1 2.7Pa
(number of poles) *2
2.2kW(4P) 3.7kW(4P) 11kW(6P)
Required oil volume 6.5L 8.0L 20.0L
Oil *3 ULVOIL R-7
Cooling method Air-cooled Water-cooled
Cooling water Flow rate - 3L/min 5L/min
Pressure - Gauge pressure : 0.3MPa max.
Outlet/inlet differential pressure - Gauge pressure : 0.1MPa max.
Temperature - 5 to 30℃
Intake size JIS B 2290 VG50相当 VG80相当 VG100相当
Vent size JIS B 2290 VF50相当 VF80相当 VF100相当
(pump + base)
225kg 380kg
(pump only)
(pump only)
External dimensions W x D x H 590 x 860 x 550mm 720 x 675 x 897mm 970 x 942 x 1127mm
Standard accessories Operation manual, Oil for 1 pump, Motor pulley
Options TM-2 oil mist trap TM-3 oil mist trap TM-4 (S) oil mist trap

This specification uses SI measurement units. Conversion to non-SI units is as follows :
Final pressure : 2.7 Pa = 2 x 10-2 torr; Water pressure: 0.3 MPa = 3 kg/cm2

*1 Measured by Pirani vacuum gauge (Approx. 1.5Pa when measured with a McLeod vacuum gauge)
*2 When ordering, specify whether you require a motor, and if you do, specify its type, voltage and frequency. Totally enclosed fan-cooled flange motors, increased safety flange motors, and explosion-proof flange motors are available as options.
*3 Other oil types are available. Contact ULVAC's Sales Department.

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