Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump

VD Series



VD series is a direct-drive oil rotary pump with high efficiency (IE3) multi-voltage motor fully developed by ULVAC. This dual stage rotary vane mechanical vacuum achieves lower ultimate pressure. Design optimization realized quiet operation and so this pump is suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • High efficiency (IE3) multiple voltage motor fully developed by ULVAC
    A single motor can cover a wide range voltage, 200 to 240V / 380 to 460V.
  • Forced oil circulation system
    Pumping speed is stable even around atmospheric pressure. It is suitable for repeat and continuous running between atmospheric pressure and vacuum.
  • Various options are available for special application
    3 types, type A, B and H, are available in addition to standard type for special application.


  • Evaporation, sputtering, and ion plating
  • Analytical instrument and leak test system
  • Gas exchange, liquid filling
  • Vacuum dry, freeze dry, vacuum deaeration, and vacuum insulation
  • Vacuum chuck and vacuum molding
  • Other vacuum equipments


Model VD30C VD40C VD60C VD90C
Designed pumping speed
m3/h /L/min / cfm
30/500/17.66 40/670/23.54 60/1000/35.31 90/1500/52.97
36/600/21.29 48/800/28.25 72/1200/42.38 108/1800/63.57
Ultimate pressure Pa/Torr/mbar *1 GP close 0.67/5×10-3/6.7×10-3
GP open 6.7/5×10-2/6.7×10-2
Maximum water vapor tolerance Pa/Torr/mbar GP open 50
1300/9.8/13.0 1360/10.2/13.6 1320/9.9/13.2 970/7.3/9.7
1400/10.5/14.0 1760/13.2/17.6 2800/21.0/28.0 2820 *2/21.2/28.2
Maximum water vapor capacity g/h GP open 50
190 270 430 480
250 410 1100 1650 *2
Motor Type Totally enclosed fan cooled 3 phase induction motor
Energy efficiency class IE3
kw/HP(number of poles) 1.5(4) 1.5(4) 2.2(4) 3.7(4)
Voltage *4 50
200~240 / 380~415
200~240 / 380~460
Oil capacity L 1.0~2.5 2.5~4.0
Cooling method Air cooled
Inlet VG40 equivalency / KF40 (optional) VG50 equivalency / KF50 (optional)
Outlet VG40 equivalency / KF40 (optional)
Weight kg 58 60 90 113
External dimensions W×D×H mm 210×660×324 210×680×324 280×761×371 280×831×371
Applicable standard CE
Standard accessory A dose of oil, a set of manual
Recommended oil mist trap (Optional) *5 TM201: for low load operation
TM401: for high load operation
TM401: for low load operation
TM-2: for high load operation
Options Oil mist trap, other oil types, gas ballast valve, ISO flange, explosion-resistant motor, special type for special application (spec A, B and H)

*1 Measured with a Pirani gauge. (Apprx. 6.7X10-2Pa when measured with a McLeod vacuum gauge.)
*2 VD90C is not allowed the continuous operation in the inlet pressure at 1,000Pa or more. VD90C maximum water vapor tolerance / maximum water vapor capacity (in the continuous operation) : 1000Pa / 600g/h
*3 Increased safety explosion-resistant motor and pressure proof explosion-resistant motor are available as an option.
*4 Factory shipment setup is 200V class Δ delta connection. Please change it to Y connection if working voltage is 400V class.
*5 High load operation means repeat pumping down between atmospheric pressure and vacuum in short term or long time operation at 10,000 Pa (75 Torr) or higher.

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