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VLH Series



ULVAC's vacuum valves were developed based on a wealth of technology and experience in the vacuum field.
We offer a variety of products that meet a wide range of needs from atmospheric pressure to ultra-high vacuum.


Model VLH-SB
Maximum allowable differential pressure on valve plate
(Positive pressure/counter pressure) MPa
Maximum allowable differential pressure in opening direction (Positive pressure/counter pressure) MPa 0.10
Plate seal O-ring
Feedthrough Bellows
Actuation Manual
External leak rate*1 Pa・m3/s ≦1.0E-10
Internal leak rate*1 Pa・m3/s ≦1.0E-10
Operating pressure range
(absolute pressure) Pa
Atm. ~ 1.0E-6
Bakeout temperature
(when stopping)*2
Body:150*3, actuation:70
Operating ambient temperature ℃ 5~70
Fluid temperature ℃ 5~70
Heating & cooling speed ℃/h ≦30
Operating ambient Non-corrosive
Fluid Non-corrosive
Compressed air to cylinder MPaG
Warranted operation cycle*4 10,000
Orientation No limitation
Position indicator
Material of major parts (Vacuum side) Stainless steel 304
Material of major parts (Atmosphere side) Stainless steel 304, Aluminum-6061 (anodized aluminum)
Bellows material Stainless steel 316L
Seal material (Vacuum side) FKM
Grease (Vacuum side) Any grease is not used
Attachment for lifting None*5
RoHS Complied

*1 Leak rate does not include permeation in O-ring. External leak during opening and closing is not regulated in the case of O-ring shaft seal feedthrough.
*2 Do not open and close during bakeout.
*3  Regarding to VLP-MB abd VLH-MB, maximum body bakeout temperature in opening position: 200?C (392F) and in closing position: 150?C (302F).
*4 See instruction manual for detail.
*5  Lifting attachment is included for VLP-SA350JH (Eyebolt M12 x 2pcs).

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