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HELIOT ZERO is specially designed for automatic helium leak test system.


  • Layout
    ・Analyzer and control unit can be separated up to 30 meters.
    ・Analyzer unit can be mounted in any direction.
  • Unit can support several Testing Conditions
    ・3 test ports
    ・Sniffer method (option)
  • User Interface
    ・The control panel is a Color touch panel for ease of use and high visibility.
    ・Operator is informed automatically when maintenance is required.
  • System includes Calibrated Leak and Pirani Vacuum Gauge
  • Complies with CE Standard


  • Auto leak test system/ Automobile industry, Air-conditioner industry, Refrigeration/airconditioning industry, Food packaging, Medicine packaging
  • Measurement of flow quantity and permeation (helium gas).


Detectable gas Helium
Vacuum method detection range 10-12 to 10-3 Pa・m3/s (*1)
Sniffer method detection range 10-8 to 10-3 Pa・m3/s、0.1 to 1000 ppm

*1 With 30L/m rotary pump. Sensitivity range change by usage.


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