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Qulee HGM2 Series



ULVAC's new "Qulee HGM2" residual gas analyzer series with revolutionary simplicity of use.
Offers highest sensitivity of all models at 2.5 × 10 -6A/Pa, Qulee HGM2.
Can meet the needs of various R&D and other vacuum system proce ss monitoring.(Ethernet compatible)


  • Most Appropriate for R&D Applications
    Offers highest sensitivity 2.5×10-6A/Pa (3.3×10-4A/Torr, 2.5×10-4A/mbar)
  • Communication interface Ethernet compatible
  • Integrated Display No need for PC
  • Simple Operation "One Click" function
  • Bake Out
    Max 250℃ (482?) high temperature bake (300℃ (572?) when the sensors are removed)
  • Degas Function Electron bombard degas
  • Maintenance
    Filament, ion source, and secondary electron multiplier are easy to replace
  • Protection and Maintenance Features
    Unit offers protection and maintenance of ion source and secondary electron multiplier Traceability of analysis tube (Japanese Patent No. 5016031)
  • Various Leak Tests are Available
    Helium leak test, air leak test, leak up
  • Total Pressure Measurement
    Capable of total pressure measurement (ionization gauge)
  • Qulee QCS is Included
    This software is included and compatible with (Windows 7/8/10)
  • Applicable Standard Conforms with CE


  • R&D such as thermal desorption gas analysis
  • Residual gas analysis for ultra-high vacuum pumping equipment, etc
  • Trace impurities in gas
  • R&D for photovoltaic field
  • Analysis of organic compound
  • Environmental measurements


Model HGM2-202 HGM2-302
Mass filter type Quadrupole
Mass range 1 ~ 200 amu 1 ~ 300 amu
Resolution M/ ΔM=1M(10% P.H.)
Detector type Faraday cup SEM Faraday cup SEM
Sensitivity 2.5×10?? A/Pa 4 A/Pa 2.0×10?? A/Pa 4 A/Pa
3.3×10?? A/Torr 533 A/Torr 3.3×10?? A/Torr 533 A/Torr
2.5×10?? A/mbar 400 A/mbar 2.5×10?? A/mbar 400 A/mbar

Minimum datectable partial pressure

Approx. 10?? Pa Approx. 10-13Pa Approx. 10?? Pa Approx. 10-13Pa
Approx. 7.5×10-12 Torr Approx. 7.5×10-16 Torr Approx. 7.5×10-12 Torr Approx. 7.5×10-16 Torr
Approx. 1×10-11 mbar Approx. 1×10-12 mbar Approx. 1×10-11 mbar Approx. 1×10-12 mbar
Maximum operating pressure 1×10??Pa
7.5×10?? Torr
1×10?? mbar
Filament lr / Y?O?, 2pcs
Ionizing voltage 25 ~ 70 eV(defalut:70eV)
Emission current 0.1mA/0.5mA/1.0mA(default:0.5mA)
DEGAS Electron bombard type 330V, 5mA
Total pressure function Capable / 10?? ~ 10??Pa
"One Click" function Capable / He/H?O/N?/O?/Any gas
"One Click" leak test function Capable
Power input DC24V±10% 50W
Weight(sensor unit / sensor) 2.4kg/0.81kg
Maximum sensor operating temperature 250℃(482?)

Maximum bakeout temperature

(elsectronisc removed)

Operating temperature range 10 to 40℃(50 to 104?)
Operating humigity range 15 ~ 80%(not condensing)
IP rating IP30(sensor unit)
Power connector MSTBV2.5/3-STF-5.08
Communication interface Ethernet compatible
External input / output connector D-sub15-pin (M2.6 screw)(eith option)
Communication connector RJ45
External input / output signal Analog input (0 to 10V)×2,External interlock input (pressure protection)×1,Error output ×1(FIL,SEM,RF,fault),Partial pressure setpoint output ×2(fault,alarm),Total pressure setpoint output ×1
Software Qulee QCS Ver.4.0 later (Windows 7/8/10)
Standard accessories Power connector,Communication cable (3m long),Software (install CD),Instruction manual (CD)

Option accessories

(cf. Qulee optional catalogue)

Communication cable (10,15,20,30,50m long), AC power adapter, USB-LAN adapter, Switing hub(8ports or 16ports), Input / output connector, Jacket heater, Carry case
Applicable standard CE

※Please prepare an AC/DC power supply or please purchase the AC/DC adapter of an option.

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