Liquid Nitrogen Generators



This product can generate liquid nitrogen from the air.
Please use this for cryopreservation of analytical instruments, cells, vaccines.


LN2 Production Capacity

  • 20L/day(60Hz)
  • 19L/day(50Hz)

Air Processing Capacity

  • 13.0m2/day


LN2 Production capacity 20L/day(60Hz),19L/day(50Hz)
LN2storage capacity 80L
Dimensions(W×H×D) 930×1661×740mm
Weight Approx. 340kg
Power supply AC200V 3 phase
Power consumption Approx. 3.3/4.1kW(50Hz/60Hz)
Breaker capacity 30A
Cooling water Temperature:10~30℃
Flow rate:3~6L/min
Pressure:< 0.8MPa
Water quality:Tap water equivalent

Nitrogen gas generator machine:GN-15i

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