ULVAC SHOWCASE is a comprehensive site that focuses on vacuum products that constitutes vacuum systems and combines all products manufactured and sold by ULVAC group.

At the time of its founding in 1952, ULVAC was still a fledgling venture that had just been founded by young engineers "aspiring to contribute to industrial and scientific advancement through the use of vacuum technologies" with the financial support of six angel investors.

While continuing to cherish the entrepreneurial spirit that it has embraced since its establishment, ULVAC remains committed to creating new value by pursuing cutting-edge innovation for our vacuum technologies. To this end, our company works hand-in-hand with manufacturers in a wide range of industries to deliver products that are employed in not only liquid-crystal flat-panel displays, semiconductors, and electronic components, but also the types of machinery used in the automotive, food, pharmaceutical, and other general industries.

The pursuit of cutting-edge vacuum technology creates new value.

The ULVAC Group employs a unique business approach to offer comprehensive solutions for a wide range of industries by mobilizing its rich variety of vacuum technologies. Examples of products that use these technologies include vacuum equipment and devices, materials, and analytical instruments, as well as a broad range of customer solutions.

Within the ULVAC Group, Components Business Unit is a business group that has a role to play in developing, manufacturing, and selling a wide variety of vacuum products that constitutes vacuum systems. The performance of the vacuum products is supported by these vacuum equipment that uses the most advanced vacuum technology.

Building a prosperous future through communication with our customers.

This site not only introduces products that constitute vacuum systems but also provides a variety of useful information for customers.

We also want to support new business fields and evolving technologies through communication with customers.

Even now, as a larger corporation than it was when it was established, our entrepreneurial spirit remains unchanged.

We intend to create a prosperous future by continuing to meet the needs of various fields using ULVAC Group's comprehensive strengths and innovations quickly and contributing to the development of industry and science.


Components Business Unit


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