"ULTRA" is our business core.

As a joint venture between Japan Vacuum Engineering Co., Ltd (now ULVAC, Inc.) and CTI Cryogenics Division of Helix Technology Corporation (Now Brooks Automation, Inc.), ULVAC CRYOGENICS, Inc. was established. We began with the manufacture and sale of cryopumps, which are essential for creating an ultra-high vacuum.

Our cryopumps have maintained the overwhelming market share in Japan and neighboring countries. Our cryopumps are used in a wide range of fields from R & D to manufacturing department of semiconductors, electronics, automobiles, nuclear power, and space.

In recent years, we have added cryogenic equipment such as cryostats and cryogenic refrigerator and are taking on the challenge of providing various support services in advanced technology fields such as analysis equipment and medical care. We are a company whose core business is "ultra" with ultra-high vacuum and ultra-low temperature.

Business Areas

Manufacture, assembly, sale, and service of cryopumps and vacuum pump using ultra-low temperature. Import and Export of the products. Manufacture, assembly, sale, and services of equipment, devices, and parts used for cryogenic devices and system and import and export of them.


1222-1 Yabata, Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan 253-0085

TEL: +81-467-85-8884(Direct) FAX: +81-67-85-9356



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