ULVAC, Inc.Components division

Contributing to the Development of Industry and Science through "vacuum technology" and Creating a Prosperous Future.

Within ULVAC, Inc., which is the core company of the ULVAC Group, Components Division develops, manufactures and sells a wide variety of vacuum products related to vacuum technology. For example, vacuum pumps, valves and piping components for "create a vacuum", vacuum gauges, process monitors, and leak detectors for "look at the vacuum", as well as power supply for deposition for "create a film", an ellipsometer for "Look at the film" for film deposition process and a vacuum transfer robot for "Carry the wafer".

Our products are not only components of vacuum systems, but also crucial technologies to support various industries. For example, automobiles, home appliances such as air conditioners, materials engineering, medical treatment and medicine, and biotechnology.

Business Areas

Development, design, and manufacture of a wide variety of vacuum products ranging from vacuum pumps, measuring instruments, power supplies for deposition, vacuum transfer robots, and various analysis equipment to components such as vacuum valves, flanges, and terminals.


2500 Hagisono, Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan 253-8543

TEL: +81-467-89-2261 FAX: +81-467-68-4213



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