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EXO Series



This unit is designed as an external oscillation source for high frequency power supplies. The rated signal can be output at a single frequency of 13.56MHz.

In addition, this unit is equipped with 1 to 4 BNC output ports, and can perform high frequency oscillation in phase with up to 4 power supplies.

* The external input terminal of the connected power supply is terminated at 50Ω and must be able to operate at 10mW or more and 100mW or less.


  • Possible to synchronize the phase of up to 4 RF power supplies.
  • Low cost is realized by eliminating the phase shift function.


Model EXO-13
Input specifications Input voltage Single-phase AC90~110V
Input capacity 10VA or less
Output specifications Oscillation frequency 13.56MHz±0.05%
External dimensions W×D×H 145×110×44mm (Excluding protrusions)

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