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ST200-A / R / E


New series of transducer type "G-RTAN series Multi Ionization Gauge" that is capable of connection to differet type sensor heads.
This product, which is a triode type ionization gauge, is capable of longer life stable measurement in harsh environment for vacuum gauges because of low deterioration of sensitivity.
Improved to be more user-friendly taking over the concept of long-life and low running cost.


  • ULVAC own concept: Capable of connection of different measurement range sensor heads according to application.
  • Compact: Significantly miniaturized compared to the previous series (56% reduction of controller volume). World’s smallest class.
  • High usability: Set point setting, condition check, etc. by connecting PC/Android.
  • Larger selection: EtherCAT spec to be available in addition to analog output spec and serial communication spec.
  • World's first metal type triode ionization gauge: Long life even if in harsh environment and no worry of such damage as glass type.
  • Filament life notification function: An advance warning can be made before the life of ionization vacuum gauge by watching flilament power.
  • Wide range measuremnt: Measurment from atmospheric pressure to ultra figh vacuum (1 x 10+5 to 1 x 10-5Pa) is possible (when using with an optional unit SWU10-R).
  • Precise atmospheric pressure sensing: Atmospheric pressure check for chamber open is available (when using with an optional unit SAU).


  • Ultimate pressure check or process control for vacuum equipment for OLED touch panels.
  • Ultimate pressure check for industial vacuum equipment such as vacuum furnaces.
  • Measurement in hydrocarbon rich atmosphere.
  • In case that replacement cycle of sesnosr head is required.

*Please contact in case of using corrosive gases (halogen gases).


Model ST200-A ST200-R ST200-E
(scheduled for release)
Type Analog output type Serial communication type EtherCAT communication type
Applicable ionization
gauge sensor head
SWT-16(NW16), SWT-25(NW25)
Connectable sensors Multi ionization gauge ST200: 1
Pirani vacuum gauge sensor unit SWU10-R: 1 (option)
Pressure sensro unit SAU: 1 (option)
Repeatability(N2) ST200 simple mode: ±2%
Sampling time 60 ms, 5x moving average
Value output Output voltage: 0 to 10 VDC, LOG output: 0.75 V/1 decade
Pressure conversion equation: V=7.25+0.75×(LogP-2) P=10^{(V-7.25)/0.75+2}
Update time 60msec
Control input signals FIL ON/OFF、FIL 1/2、DEGAS ON/OFFOperates with open collector input, negative logic - -
Control output signals Sensor error, Setpoint 1/2/3, Emission valid
Watch of electric power of filament
Rating: 24VMAX、50mAMAX
Saturation voltage:1V
- -
Communication type - RS232C/RS-485 EtherCAT
LED display POWER: Power, ERROR LED (Blinking pattern and color change depending on each mode)
Emission current 2mA (1×10-2Pa or lower), 10μA (1×10-2Pa or higher)
Degas Method Electron bombard type 2mA, 330V
Maximum pressure of sensor 2×10+5Pa (1.5 x 10+3 Torr, 2 x 10+3 mbar) (Absolute pressure)
Internal volume of sensor 17cm3(SWT-16), 19cm3(SWT-25)
Operating temperature range 10 to 50℃ (50 to 122?)
Operating humidity range 15 to 80% (not condensing)
Storage temperature -20 to 65℃ (-4 to 149?) (At non-energizing, not condensing)
IP rating IP30
Power supply voltage DC20 to 28V (Ripple, Noise 1% or less)
Lower than 8W
Input/output connector D-sub15-pin (M2.6 screw)
Weight Sensor unit: approx. 280g, sensor head(SWT-16, SWT-25): 80g
Dimension W x D x H 69mm×63mm×90mm (sensor unit only)
Applicable standard CE
Option Multi Ionization Gauge Sensor head SWT-16(NW16), SWT-25(NW25)
Material of gas contacting sections: Filament 1, 2 -Ir/Y2O3
Other: PtC-Mo, SUS304, W, Kovar glass, Kovar/Ni plating
Pirani Vacuum Gauge SWU10-R *Previous model SPU also available
Pirani Vacuum Gauge Sensor head SWP-16(NW16), SWP-25(NW25), SWP-R1/8(R1/8), SWP-P18(Φ18 pipe end), SWP-P15(Φ15 pipe end), SWP-CF16(ICF034)
Material of gas contacting sections : Filament-Pt, Other-BS/Ni plating, Ni, Solder
Pressure switch SAU(NW16) Material of gas contacting sections : SUS316L
Unit cable GUC-200P (for SWU10-R) :0.5m, 1m, 2m
GUC-200A (for SAU) :0.5m, 1m, 2m
Display unit 1CH:ISG1(DC24V)
Display cable Cable betweeen ST200 and desiplay unit
2m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m
Connector I/O connector (D-sub15-soket(M2.6mm screw))
Others Test certificate, Calibration certificate

ST200 series have three options; simple mode with a multi ionization gauge, combination mode with a multi ionization gauge and a pirani gauge (SWU10-R), and triple combination mode with a multi ionization gauge, a pirani gauge (SWU10-R) and a pressure switch (SAU)

Mode ST200-A/ST200-R/ST200-E
Simple mode
Combination mode
Triple combination mode
Measurable pressure range 1.0×10-5 to 1.0×10+1Pa 1.0×10-5 to 1.0×10+5Pa 1.0×10-5 to 1.0×10+5Pa
Accuracy 1.0×10-4 to 3.0×10+0Pa:
1.0×10-4 to 1.0×10+4Pa:±10%
1.0×10+4 to 1.0×10+5Pa:±20%
1.0×10-4 to 1.0×10+4Pa:±10%
1.0×10+4 to 3.0×10+5Pa:±3%F.S.(3.0×10+3Pa・Base temperature: 25℃)
Connection image ST200_S.png ST200+SWU10-R.png ST200+SWU10-R+SAU.png
Measurable pressure range image ST200_i.png

Triple combination can be used when “atmospheric pressure” check required to open chamber.

Image of coneection with PC/smartphone


Application software "UL-MOBI"

For PC Download from ULVAC's website "ULVAC SHOWCASE" download center
For smartphone Download from Google Play

Compatible devices

PC Windows 10 64 bit or later
Smartphone Android 6 or later, USB TypeC

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