Scroll Type Dry Vacuum Pump

SGT Series




  • Filters usable for vacuum pumps can be used for various types of vacuum equipment.
  • Filter can be placed both suction and exhaust side.
  • Reaction products and powders discharged from equipment are absorbed and collected by the elements of an ion exchange resin fiber.
  • Not only powders in the exhaust gas but acid gas/oil-mist can also be captured efficiently.
  • When the vacuum pump and pump oil are kept clean over a long period of time this can help to avoid a vacuum pump malfunction and reduce the number of oil changes.
  • KF-clamps, reducers, center rings, etc. are additionally required for attachment (contact us separately.)


SGT-100 SGT-200
 Filter system
 Applicable models
500L/min or less/td>
 Pressure range
 Ambinet temperature
 Ambient humidity
85%(non condensing)
 Suction port
KF-25 KF-40
 Exhaust port
KF-25 KF-40
154mm 234mm
Since the "SGT-200" uses two filter elements of the same size as the "SGT-100", the capture rate is doubled.
 When a small amount of powder is mixed in with the suction gas, it is recommended to use the “SGT-100” in order to positively suction powder, use the “SGT-200”.


>CAD data download(DXF)

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