Vacuum Tech Basics

What kind of vacuum pumps are there?

In general, a pump is a device that transports a fluid while applying pressure and speed.

Vacuum pumps have a broader meaning.

Like general pumps, some vacuum pumps transport and exhaust the gas inside the vacuum system to the outside with higher pressure. Others trap gas molecules rather than carry them out, but these pumps work passively to the gas and may not be, strictly speaking, pumps. For example, mechanical vacuum pumps such as oil rotary vacuum pumps and mechanical booster pumps, or steam injection type vacuum pump such as oil diffusion pumps and ejector pumps.

These include vacuum pumps that use getter action and vacuum pumps that use adsorption and condensation action at low temperatures.

In other words, a vacuum pump is a device that can remove gas. According to the operating principle, vacuum pumps are roughly classified into gas transporting type vacuum pumps and gas accumulating type vacuum pumps.

The following is an image of these vacuum pumps.

Types of Vacuum Pumps



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