EB Source for Metal Film

EGL Series



EGL-80M electron beam evaporation source is designed to improve performance and reliability based on ULVAC's many years of technical experience and achievements.
This evaporation source has a four-point switching hearth with a maximum input power of 16kW.
The crucible has a large capacity of 110 cc per piece , which enables the high-speed deposition of thick films.


  • Large-capacity multi-layer deposition is possible by adopting a large capacity 110cc 4-point switching hearth.
  • The electron beam is deflected by the electromagnetic field, the effect of secondary electrons on the deposition target is extremely small.
  • By scanning the beam spot on the X-axis and Y-axis even with a purifying substance, it is possible to eliminate the pitting phenomenon and evaporate smoothly. (Japan patern 831485, 843447)
  • The electron beam is deflected 270°, so it is not exposed to the above from the vaporized material and the filament has a long life.
  • Since the emitter assembly can be easily attached and detached, it is easy to replace the filament, insulator, etc.
  • Adopting a water-cooled magnet coil allows continuous operation in high temperature atmosphere.
  • The hearth position detection mechanism is installed as an option and hearth rotation can be automated.


Acceleration voltage -4kV~-10kV DC
Emission current(MAX)) 1.6A(At accelerating voltage-10kV)
Maximum input power 16kW(-10kV、1.0A)
X-axis deflection coil 2.5~16A MAX-12V DC
0.54Ω (At room temperature 20°C)
Y-axis deflection coil 0~±2A MAX±12V DC
1.2Ω×2(At room temperature 20°C)
Filament 0~6V AC MAX 50A
Filament Volume(Quantity) 110cc (4 pieces)
Size 75Φ×57Φ×32H
Beam deflection angle 270°
Effective evaporation angle 100° or more
Deposition rate 4μm/min or more
(A| 16kW, 250H above the hearth)
Cooling water volume Hearth:20L/min or more
(MAX 7kg/cm2
Coil:4L/min or more
(MAX 7kg/cm2
Water temperature 15~25℃
Hearth position posting mechanism (option) Contact quantity:NO contact 4sets
Volume:50mA~1A MAX 50V AC
External dimension 318L×265W×168H
Weight 30kg
Applicable power supply HPS-1600F(Hi-power spec)

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