AFFINIXQN Pro can obtain multiple parameter information as well as a series resonance frequency Fs by using the admittance method(QCM-A) instead of the oscillation method.
Also, the built-in analysis mode enables the evaluation of physical properties such as viscoelastic analysis of adsorbates and calculation of mass and mucous membranes.


Model QCM2008-PRKIT
Measurement Principle・System Quartz Crystal Microbalance(QCM)
・ Admittance Analysis Methods
Measurement Frequency・Sensiticity 27MHz(Fundamental) ・ 30pg/Hz
81MHz(Overtone) ・ 10pg/Hz
Dynamic Range 100pg~10μg
Oscillation Stability Noise ≦ 2 Hz(27MHz, Distilled water, 25℃)
Average Drift ≦ 1 Hz/min(27MHz, Distilled water, 25℃, at stable state)
Injection System Manual, Multiple injection is possible
Min. Injection Volume 0.1μL~ (dependent on micropipette to be used)
Channel Number 1ch
Cup Volume 400~550μL
Sensor Type Sensor Cup(specific for QN Pro)
Stir Method Magnetic Stirrer
Setting Temperature 10.0~60.0℃
System Software Measuring software:『AFFINIX QN Pro』
(Since it is pre-installed in an attached PC, there is no installer disc)

Data viewer software:『AFFINIX QN Pro Viewer』
(The installation system in saved at PC and additional disc)
Date Processing Part Windows Laptop PC
Communication System Ethernet Virtual serial
Output parameters Fs,F2,Fw,Q,D,R,(C0,C1,L1)
Operating Environment 20~30℃(Recomended)
Body Size 140W×300D×220H(mm) (AFFINIX QN main body ecvept for analyzing unit)
Analysing Unit size 71W×360D×144H(mm)
Weight 9.0kg
Power Supply AC 100~240V、3A (Body:1A, Analyzing Unit:2A)
Optional accessory Data Analysis Software:『AQUA』
STD accessories(Quantity) ◆AFFINIX QN Pro Base Equipment(1)
◆Communication / Measurement Kit(1)

Measurement Control Software included PC(1), PC accessories(with LAN Cable)(1),Instruction Manual(1), Sensor Cover with Stirring Bar(1),USB memory stick(1), Sensor cups(4 pieces/case(1)),Calibration Set(1), Data Viewer(1)

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