Quartz Crystal



Crystal quartz plate・UCR Series for sensors for crystal oscillation type deposition controller of ULVAC.
The 4MHz frequency specification was added to the product lineup for the first time in the world, and it has excellent temperature characteristics and can be used for organic material films.


  • Specializes in organic material films. It is suitable for use while switching with a multi-sensor.
  • Longer than 5 MHz frequency.
  • Excellent temperature characteristics during film formation due to the least frequency change caused by radiant heat in the class.
  • The dedicated case corresponding to multi-sensor CRTS-12NS makes it easy not to only take out quarts crystal one by one, but also replace 12 pcs of quartz crystals without any tools (patent pending)


  • Organic material film (OLED Panel)


Model UCR-4MAG-12 UCR-5MAU-12 UCR-5MAG12
Application Organic Material Film
(OLED Panel)
Metal Film, Optical Film
Frequency 4MHz 5MHz
Diameter φ12.4
Electrode Ag Au Ag
Deposition Controller
CRTM-9200 CRTM-6000G/CRTM-9200
Sensor Single-Sensor (CRTS-4, 6, 0, 4U, 6U)
Multi-Sensor (CRTS-12NS, M6)
Electrode Surface Mirror Finish Standard
Package Multi-Sensor Friendly Case (12pcs)


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