Fundamentals of Gas Analyzer (Process Gas Monitor)


Check The Quality of Vacuum or Component Gas

Process Purposes Applications
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Process monitor
Deterioration of crystallinity. Residual moisture(H20)and leakage check.
LCD panel manufacturing equipment
Process monitor
Yield problem of liquid crystal surfaces. Residual moisture(H20) check.
Deposition equipment for optical use
Process monitor
Yield problem of optical thin film surfaces. Residual moisture(H20) check.
Vacuum heat treatment equipment
Atmosphere monitor
Degradation in brilliancy.Color unevenness. Residual oxygen(O2), hydrocarbon(CXHY)、, and leakage check.
Freeze drying equipment
Process monitor
Longer drying times. Changes in performance, efficacy, taste, and appearance. Drying and inflow of impurities check.

Application examples

Process gas monitor of deposition equipment


Fundamentals of Gas Analyzer (Process Gas Monitor)


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