Cryo Pump

2nd Stage Temperrature Display



This product is a temperature display of cryopumps.
It is connected to the cryo-thermocouple thermometer MBS-C and displays the temperature of the cryopump digitally.


Digitized the conventional type (MBM) to a more compact design.

  • In combination with the MBS CRYO-METER, the accurate temperature can be obsrved at remote position.
  • MBD CRYO-METER can be used as a power sorce unit of the MBS CRYO-METER.


Display Digital
Temperature range 10K~350K
Accuracy ±2%
(Full scale)
(However,10~30K are ±1K)
Voltage AC100V±10%
Cryo thermocouple thermometer power supply DC24V(Internal)
Cable Length Input power cable
Analog signal input cable
Power supply cable (MBS)
For power supply
Weight 520g

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