Fundamentals of Quartz Crystal Oscillation Type Deposition Controller

CRTM series, The Controler for Quartz Crystal Oscillation Type Deposition

CRTM series, Quartz Crystal Oscillation Type Deposition Controller, lineups two models. That's CRTM-6000 and CRTM-9200. CRTM-6000 features a compact design and excellent cost performance. The other one, CRTM-9200 additional high-performance functions such as a four-element simultaneous deposition control.



CRTM-6000G is the upper-grade model. It is a half-rack size and enhanced functionality; Excellent measurement performance with the resolution of 0.04 Å, Two-sensor connection, Three-channel analog output, Programmable I/O, and Multilayer film control up to 99 layers.

Tow-Sensor Connection

Up to two single sensors can connect. The measuring way is switch type only, not the simultaneous way.


Film thickness and deposition rate measurement resolution (0.04Å) are excellent, letting you easily controlling at low deposition speed.

High-Speed Sampling

The fast sampling rate at 125 ms is available to control with excellent response.

Multilayer Film Control

Managing 30 multilayer controller programs or process programs up to 99 layers.

Programmable Digital Input/Output Signal

This programmable 12 channel digital input/output signals allow flexible connection to equipment.

Three Channel Analog Output

POWER, RATE, THK types of programmable analog output are standards.

99 Deposition Programs

Programmable up to 99 deposition sequences.

Detail Controllable

Adjust pre-heating and deposition rate in every three levels

PC Control

RS232C is a standard option, so capable of PC control.

Exterior Dimension


Click here for details of CRTM-6000G


CRTM-9200 is a high-end model.
It offers outstanding performance and functionality; High rate resolution (0.005 Å/s) controlling low
rate, 4 elements simultaneous deposition controlling, Multi-Layer Calculation, Tooling, and Z-Ratio calculation, and data program management in USBs.

High Resolution

The excellent film thickness and rate resolution (0.005 Å) controls deposition processes at a low rate.

Four-Elements Deposition Control

Capable of controlling up to four elements simultaneously, when installing an optional SS card.

Multi-Layer Calculation

Calculating multi-layer film thickness caring deposition history of quartz crystal plate. It allows stable measurement at the last of the quartz plate lifetime.

Tooling, Z-Ration Calculation

Measuring film thickness calculates the optimum tooling and Z-Ratio.

Setting-Sync and Master-Slave

When depositing simultaneously, this function is capable of synchronizing the deposition timing and stay the component ratio constant.

Flexible Deposition Program

Set combination power and rate, programming deposition sequence up to 30 phases.

USB Memory Friendly

The program is saved in both the internal memory and USB.

Multi-element simultaneous deposition control

Up to 4 elements of simultaneous deposition control by adding an optional SS card.


Multi-Layer Calculation

The conventional model calculates the film thickness on the quartz crystal as a single film before and the new. CRTM-9200, however, is capable to calculate the specific new film thickness more accurately. The Multi-Layer Calculation method also considers all deposition history about film thickness, acoustic impedance ratio, and density.


CRTS Series, The Sensor for Quartz Crystal Oscillation Type Deposition

CRTS series has much potential to install with various deposition devices.


CRTS Series products



ULVAC's single sensors are so small to easily mount in the device. How to choose the best? Cech the tips;

  • Considering conditions, baking or not, and working temperature.
  • Need a long-life oscillator?
  • How much is crystal frequency, 4 MHz, 5 MHz, or a special type 6MHz?

Model Specification
Deposition sensor without water cooling pipe
Deposition at 80℃ or less
Deposition sensor without water cooling pipe
with water cooling jacket
Deposition at 300℃ or less
Deposition sensor
Deposition at 100℃ or less
Deposition sensor
Deposition at 200℃ or less
Bakable deposition sensor
Bakable deposition sensor
Deposition at 200℃ or less for ultrahigh vacuum

Connection Diagram


Exterior Dimension



CRTS-M6, 6 plates of quartz crystals, and CRTS-12NS, 12 plates of quartz crystals, are ideal for organic deposition and continuous multi-layer deposition. These holders are removable, easily change quartz crystal plates. Additionally, it detects abnormal oscillation and product life, automatically switching the quartz crystal plate when installing with CRTM Series.
CRTS-M6 is easy to install due to only 50 mm diameter head size.

Model Applications and Features
Multisensor 6 crystals
Thick film continuous deposition at 350℃ or less
Multisensor 12 crystals
Thick film continuous deposition at 350℃ or less

Connection Diagram




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