Fundamentals of Leak Detection

Easy Usability and Excellent Performance

Overwhelmingly high Helium pumping speed enhanced convenience by Tablet type controller

Highest level of measurement sensitivity・minimum detectable leakage volume:<5E-13Pa・m3/sec

  • Wireless remote function as standard
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick startup and stop
  • Highly functional mobile carts that are easy to move around
  • Compatible with previous 710 series


30L/min(Oil rotary vacuum pump) ~ 500L/min Scroll type dry pump

Feature 1: High Helium Pumping speed. Effects of 5L/sec

  • Short pumping time
  • The background decreases faster
  • The background can be stabilized and kept low
  • In a leak test of vacuum equipment, the amount of helium sucked into the leak detector side is increased, and small leakage can be easily detected.


Feature 2: Easy Usability

  • New Proposal of the tablet-type controller usage "wherever it is placed."
  • The tablet can be used as a wireless remote controller by disconnecting the cable to the main unit.


Various simple and easy display screens


Feature 3: Mobility, Maintainability, Startup-Time

  • A flat panel cover
  • Large wheels
  • Convenient stepper to run over bumps
  • Foot-operated brake
  • Automatic announcement of maintenance timing by monitoring function (Patent No. 4057896)
  • Maintenance can be performed following a step-by-step video that can be displayed on the tablet
  • The maintenance panel can be removed without tools― Replaceable maintenance parts quick startup and stop

HELIOT 900 series can be used in 2 minutes at the shortest after starting.

  • It takes less than 30 seconds to stop
  • Equipped with a hydrogen function
  • Hydrogen leak test is also available





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