Fundamentals of Leak Detection

Specifications of HELIOT900 series

model 901W1 901D2 904W2 904D3 904D4
Type Portable Mobile carts
Minimum detectable leakage volume Ultra Pa・m3/sec <5E-13
表示下限 Ultra Pa・m3/sec 0.01E-12(<2Pa)
Fine Pa・m3/sec 0.01E-10(<100Pa)
Max. connecting pressure Gross Pa 1200
Test port
Pumping Speed(He)
Ultra L/sec 5(<2Pa)
Fine L/sec 1(<100Pa) 5(<100Pa)
Roughing pump:
Pumping Speed(50/60Hz)
Oil rotary L/min 30/36 135/162
Scroll L/min 90/108 250/300 500/600
Weight kg Approx. 33 Approx. 37 Approx. 79 Approx. 74 Approx.96
Controller unit 7inch tablet type (wireless standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Operation range Wired Cable length : 2m (standard), 5m (optional)
Wireless 40m
Battery lasting time(Wireless) 3-8hr
Applicable standard CE, IP30 CE
Input power V 100-120 or 200-240
Ambient operating temperature 10-40

List of optional products

We also handle some products such as piping and flexible hoses that are not included in the list.
Please contact our sales representatives for more information.

Sniffer unit (Hose length specified between 1m and 10m)
ph-heliot-900-01.jpg AS unit
ph-heliot-900-02.jpg BS unit
ph-heliot-900-03.jpg BT unit

Cart, Case
ph-heliot-900-04.jpg Floor cart: for 901
ph-heliot-900-05.jpg Controller storage box. ※ Floor cart is necessary for 901.
ph-heliot-900-06.jpg BT unit: for 901. ※ The floor cart cannot be stored.

Oil mist trap
ph-heliot-900-07.jpg Oil mist trap for WS

Controller optional accessories
ph-heliot-900-89.jpg Controller cable set 5m
ph-heliot-900-10.jpg Charger for the controller (Input power: 100-240V)
ph-heliot-900-11.jpg Touch pen for an insulating glove
ph-heliot-900-12.jpg Security wire set ( wire with disconnection alarm and mounting brackets) )※ excluding lock.
ph-heliot-900-13.jpg Dial lock (including a master key for an administrator)
battery-01.jpg コントローラ用バッテリ
battery-02.jpg Battery charger

>Panel mount display



Panel mount display




HELIOT900 series +console unit

Calibrated leak.
ph-heliot-900-15.jpg Membrane type calibrated leak: E-7、E-8、E-9、E-10[Pa・m3/sec]
ph-heliot-900-16.jpg Channel type calibrated leak: E-4、E-5、E-6[Pa・m3/sec]

ph-heliot-900-17.jpg L type manual valve: NW25-NW25
ph-heliot-900-18.jpg Helium spray gun
ph-heliot-900-19.jpg Pressure regulator (applicable only for Japanese domestic helium cylinder)
ph-heliot-900-20.jpg Test chamber: inside dimension Φ96mm × H30mm
ph-heliot-900-21.jpg Bombing tank: inside dimension Φ95.5mm × H160mm、Pressure range:<0.5MPaG
Piping: Conversion piping (Intermediate, Tees, Cross), flexible hose, clamp, and others.

I/O connector set: Rec. Out, EXT. I/O
ph-heliot-900-22.jpg Signal converter: For HELIOT300 series
ph-heliot-900-23.jpg Power supply cable conversion cable: For HELIOT700 series and 300 series

Consumable parts
ph-heliot-900-24.jpg Ion source
ph-heliot-900-25.jpg Pirani vacuum gauge head
ph-heliot-900-26.jpg Micro separator: For BS and BT unit
Air cooling fan filter: For panel
Air cooling fan filter: For electrical system
Vent line filter
Oil mist trap element: For the integrated oil mist trap for W1
Pump oil: For W1 and W2

Instruction manual: CD-R, booklet (plain paper/dustless paper)
Certification of Traceability: calibrated leak, HELIOT
General calibration test certificate: calibration leak, HELIOT


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