Step1. Cleanup & aging

Perform Cleanup and leave it for a while in "Test state". The effect will be recovered after inhaling a large amount of He.

Step2. Jig seal check

Check the test port, jig flange surface, and O-ring for scratches and foreign matter. BG will not drop if there is an external leak.

Step3. Ion source exchange

If the cause is filament deterioration or electrode plate contamination, the sensitivity can be recovered by replacing the integrated ion source. Recovery of sensitivity can be a check on the startup data screen.

Step4. OIL replacement (Oil Rotary Pump Model)

Conditions such as lack of OIL and white turbidity (mixed with water) can cause an increase in the background.

Step5. Inspection and Maintenance by The Manufacturer

Total maintenance of exhaust system, O/H of analysis tube, leaks, etc. are checked and maintained.



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