Fundamentals of Vacuum Pumps (High Vacuum)

What is Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump?

The oil rotary vacuum pump is one of the mechanical pumps. Its excellence is economy and operability.
In many cases, it is a typical pump to obtain a vacuum since its invention in the early 1900s. It has been making much progress due to machining technology and the oil used for rotary pumps.


Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump Applications:

  • Food
  • Chucking
  • Vacuum Furnaces
  • Leak Systems
  • Impregnation Equipment
  • Lasers
  • Coatings
  • Chemistry
  • Medical Treatment
  • Central Vacuum System


The oil rotary vacuum pump effectively operates from atmospheric pressure to high vacuum. This pump achieves high pumping performance, which mechanism is vacuum pump oil makes both rotating parts and vacuum seal smooth and improves airtightness. This pump is highly reliable and has stable pumping performance in high vacuum.

Advantage Disadvantage
Low Cost, Compact, Easy-Installation, <10pa Complicated-Operation

3Types Oil Rotary Pumps Mechanism

1. Rotary-Vane Type

The pump has two vanes on a rotor inside a cylinder. This vane divides the inside of the cylinder into three spaces. The rotor compresses the gas in the divided spaces, and the gas is discharged to the atmosphere through the exhaust valve while changing periodically. Oil is lubrication, cool bearings, and seals the vane and cylinder to enhance airtightness.


2. Cam Type

An eccentric rotor sets at the center of a cylindrical stator. The rotor rotates while part of the rotor contacts the stator. The blade or vane moves up and down and seals the intake and exhaust sides. Vacuum pumping performs evacuating the space between the stator and the rotor.


3. Rocking-Piston Type

A piston and a cylinder enclose and change the volume of the space. This mechanism transports gas. While the piston slides on the guide oscillate up and down by the eccentric rotor, the volume of the space changes.



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