Fundamentals of Vacuum Pumps (High Vacuum)

What is the rocking piston type dry vacuum pump?

A dry rocking piston vacuum pump is one type of mechanical vacuum pump, transferring gas by the reciprocating motion of a piston interlocking with an eccentric rotating shaft.

Since this is an oil-less pump, backflow of air through the sliding part between the cylinder and piston ring is unavoidable. Its simple structure makes this pump have low ultimate pressure. On the other hand, it can obtain stable pressure in a low vacuum region.

Some models can also be used as a pressurizing source for compressors. This pump is widely used in printed board mounting equipment, vacuum packaging machines, material adsorption transfer equipment, labeling machines, printing ink degassing machines, printing machines, photograph plate making machines, screen printing machines, degassing machines, burying machines, baking furnaces, suction machines, automobile exhaust gas analyzers, refrigerant recovery device, plasma cutting equipment.

Dry Rocking Piston Vacuum Pump's Structure



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