Fundamentals of Vacuum Pumps (High Vacuum)

What is a Titanium Sublimation Pump?

A titanium sublimation pump is also called a titanium getter pump or a titanium getter. This vacuum pump exhausts with titanium to create an ultra-high vacuum. Unlike a sorption pump, which obtains a vacuum by cooling, this pump forms a large amount of activated surface on a wall by heating and sublimating titanium. This pump works in combination with sputter ion pumps or turbomolecular pumps.

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Titanium Sublimation Pump's Application:

  • Accelerators
  • Analytical instrument


The titanium sublimation pump generates an ultra-high vacuum, exhausting with the getter action of titanium. The getter action process is absorbing gas molecules and exhausting gas. The getter material, active titanium, chemically absorbs hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and active gas and makes vacuum quality higher.

Advantage Disadvantage
Oil-Free, Excellent maintainability, Peak ultra-high vacuum with ion pumps. Inert gasses unavailable

How Titanium Sublimation Pump Works

A filament for titanium evaporation inside the pump is heated and sublimated into vacuum. The titanium gas forms a deposition film on the inside wall. The pump absorbs and exhausts gas with the getter action of titanium. When the surface is filled with absorbed gas molecules, the titanium deposition film forms onto the filled surface, and a new surface comes up.



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